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Why Young Living?

At Mill-King the only essential oils we will use are Young Living essential oils. Their Seed to Seal quality commitment puts them above all others. This commitment is based on: sourcing, science and standards. 

Sourcing: Young Living has their own farms or partners with farms to ensure that each step of the growing process is to their high standards. 

Science:  They conduct testing throughout the process. 

Standards: If a harvest or a batch does not meet the company's standards it is not sold or used in other products. 

They take meticulous care from the seed to harvest to distillation to bottling to ensure that their customers are receiving a quality product like no other. Because of their Seed to Seal quality commitment, we are proud to offer their products to our Mill-King customers. 

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More on Essential Oils


Do you actually use essential oils?

Yes. Multiple families here at Mill-King use essential oils and products made with essential oils daily.  Some take supplements, use their make-up or use household cleaning items like laundry detergent. 

Many of us have completely changed over all of the products in our home to products from Young Living. We've incorporated these product into our daily lives. We trust Young Living's products and the integrity of their essential oils.

Do you know what ingredients are in the products you use?

It is very important that as consumers we educate ourselves on the ingredients in our food, but also the ingredients in things that we put on our body and that we come into contact with daily-like our laundry detergent, shampoo, deodorant and surface cleaners.

Why? Because as our world has modernized we have looked for short cuts and cheaper options to create the products we use. Research is now finding that many of the ingredients that we use can have a harmful effect upon our body systems as well as our ecosystem. 

It is important to boost our wellness that we eliminate as many harmful chemicals as we can from our daily lives. Young Living essential oils and products are one way to do this. 

Personal Experience

I would like to share some examples of how our family personally uses these products. 

For digestive support after a big meal or when my body decides it doesn't like a food, I take 1-2 drops of DiGize Vitality essential oil blend under my tongue or in a 00 gel cap.

For relaxation support at night for my 7 year old, I put a drop of Sleepyize essential oil blend on her chest. I also will put lavender in her diffuser. This helps her quality of rest throughout the night. 

For immune support, I am a big fan of Thieves essential oil blend. We put it on the bottom of our feet at bedtime to boost immunity, we diffuse it in our office daily to provide aromatic immunity support, and I even take 1 drop every morning of Thieves Vitality to support my internal immune system. 

NingXia Red-this is an amazing daily immunity juice supplement that both myself and my daughter take each morning. Learn more here.

I take other daily supplements like SuperCal Plus, Multi-Greens and Sulfurzyme to support varying body systems. 

My husband has always had skin issues and I had to be careful what laundry detergent I used. Now with YL's Thieves infused laundry detergent our clothes get cleaned without harmful chemicals. 

In our home we use the Thieves cleaner to clean all our surfaces from counters to greasy dishes to toilets. 

I love their Savvy Minerals make-up. It is free of talc, parabens, fragrances, bismuth, phthalates, nanoparticles, petrochemicals or synthetic colors or dyes. If you don't know if your make-up has these ingredients-look them up! My skin and my sensitive eyes love this make-up. Learn more here. 

And that's only a few items we use!